Transformation Program

Build a Healthy Lifestyle With Our Transformation Program

Transform your body and your life with a full-service transformation program from Burn Fitness 24/7. With a three-pillar approach, you get a custom nutrition plan, an exercise program, and a coach that will check in with you regularly keeping you accountable, motivated, and encouraged as you tackle the steps needed to build a healthy lifestyle and get the body and life you have been wanting once and for all. This program is the ultimate of services with unlimited access to classes, our nutritional resources, and a coaching program, along with 24-hour access to our state-of-the-art facility.

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What’s Included With the Program:

Get 24-hour access to our state-of-the-art facility

Reset your nutrition with our easy-to-follow customized nutrition plan 

Work closely with our trainers and coaches to design an exercise program perfect for your unique needs and interests

Participate in our fitness classes or personal small group sessions

What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Program

‘Transformation Program Was Just What I Needed!’

“After a year+ of not eating well and rarely working out, the Transformation Program was just what I needed! I lost over half of the weight that I had gained (always a plus) but even more, I had a reset on my nutritional habits. The program made me evaluate what I was eating and when. It gave me options that I had not previously considered. It made me a mindful eater!”

‘Beneficial Lifestyle’

“The Transformation Program it’s not only worthwhile but a beneficial lifestyle!”

‘I’m Happy’

“I’m happy this program was offered through Burn Fitness. Meal plans were presented in an easy-to-follow schedule. Exercise routines were easy to follow, also. Coaches are an important overall factor when embarking on any exercise and diet program and Burn Fitness 24/7 delivers.”

‘Great Re-Set’

“This was a great re-set to my exercise and eating plan goals. Thanks for all your support!”

‘It’s Also Motivating’

“Whether you’re new to exercising or looking for a reset, this program is a winner. I found it easier than most plans because it offered a wide variety of exercises, helped me track food intake, and provided a trainer with experience to coach me along the way. It’s also motivating when you hit those goals!”

‘Fantastic Program’

“Fantastic program. I am meeting my weight loss goals and have already gone down a full size. I’m pretty excited to continue with this program.”